Our world is shrinking, and the boundaries once imposed on us by distance have been all but eradicated. Between the Neolithic era, and the 18th century, our species has experienced relatively little change in our means of social interaction. Within the past three hundred years, and especially within the past three decades, we have seen enormous advances in our technological capabilities. We are building new ecosystems, systems in which we do not yet understand our place, or the adverse effects that arise from existing within them. We are corporeal creatures ill suited to these new intangible environments - so many of our sense are stunted, and so many urges evoked but not fulfilled. And we feel this, in the subtle ache of unsatisfied senses; to hear and not to see, to see and not to hold. It is an endless and addictive separation. I think we must learn to recognize and enjoy this flux in our interactions, and to make use of the mediums we are offered. I have obscured the subject of these images, in an attempt to elude any reminder of their absence. But only to a certain extent. I have no desire to sacrifice past pleasant memories for my current peace of mind. One of the ways to interpret these images might be as visual data, my experiences, collected but not compiled, not analyzed nor sorted but rendered as a database to be constantly reassessed. In this conception there is the hope that from this accumulation of data there can be construed a pattern which might be used to guide future endeavors


This work was presented alongside music from Vocem Subtilem, by Reilly Snider - https://reilly-snider.bandcamp.com/.